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How MAG Can Help With Your Bicycle or Motorcycle Case In Fresno

Personal Injury Is Our Specialty

Marquee Advocacy Group is a top-rated personal injury law firm, focused on serving clients involved in bicycle accidents or motorcycle accidents in Fresno and the surrounding area. At MAG, you will work closely with experienced motorcycle accident attorneys who are dedicated to handling all types of personal injury cases, including serious and catastrophic injury cases and wrongful death cases. When it comes to your rights and recovery, we will not compromise. Marquee Advocacy focuses on gaining maximum compensation for injured clients. Your trusted choice for a motorcycle injury attorney near you.

Our team is dedicated to providing our clients aggressive legal representation and offering only the best accident claims lawyers in Fresno. When you need a bike wreck lawyer or a motorcycle accident lawyer, we will work tirelessly for you to get your life back. Whether it is coordinating medical treatment, arranging transportation, or guiding you through the legal process, the team at MAG shares the same passion of helping those who have been injured obtain the relief they deserve. Our clients are our priority.

Causes Of Motorcycle And Bicycle Accidents

When motorcycle and bicycle accidents occur, often the riders of said bikes are to blame. But, the reality is often the automobile drive is the one who caused the collision and should be placed at fault. We see it time and again – motorists tend to be unaware of cyclists around their vehicle, so they may act carelessly, using their cell phones or other distracting devices. Other causes of bike and motorcycles collisions include:
  • Speeding:  A leading cause of all types of auto accidents, speeding reduces a vehicle’s chance of seeing and reacting in time to prevent a collision
  • Car doors (Getting “Doored”):  Some motorcycle accidents occur when a driver opens the door of their parked vehicle in the path of an oncoming motorcycle
  • Dangerous road conditions:  Crumbling pavement, potholes, debris, and a lack of necessary signals and signs can all increase a rider’s chances of losing control of his or her bike or motorcycle. Unlike automobiles, motorcycles are more likely to lose control when faced with a dangerous road condition.
  • Unsafe lane changes:  A driver risks colliding with a motorcyclist when he or she fails to check his or her blind spot or signal when changing lanes.
  • Motorcycle defects:  The manufacturer of a poorly designed or built motorcycle or bicycle part can be held liable for any injuries or deaths arising from use of the defective part.

Personal Attention And Commitment

Even with health insurance, good medical treatment is more expensive than ever. That is why we work directly with your doctors to make sure you can get the treatment you need, when you need it. Because of our reputation, many doctors we work with will agree to treat you on a lien basis. That means that you pay nothing up front for your medical care, and the doctors will wait to be paid once your case is resolved.

We know that being injured in an accident can turn your life upside down and Marquee is here to help you regain your footing. Our empathetic and seasoned trial attorneys are committed to getting you compensation that takes into account your medical and financial needs. Above all, we will put you and your best interests first and stand by you every step of the way. Unlike other law firms in Fresno that practice in a variety of areas, we are experts on personal injury law. MAG offers the refined and experienced advice of a large law firm combined with the unique touch of personal service of a boutique practice. Our objective is to help each client recover damages for their injuries and hold negligent parties accountable. Our track record of achieving positive outcomes shines through our past cases in negotiation and litigation.

Reasons You May Need A Fresno Personal Accident Attorney

Personal injury accident cases can range from minor property damage to wrongful death, and everything in between. Most personal accident cases stem from accidents, but they can also be caused by negligent behavior. If your bodily harm or property damage would not have occurred without the negligence of someone else, you should not have to be responsible for the expenses or hardships you undergo.

How Is A Personal Injury Claim Resolved?

Most personal injury claims in Fresno, including those in surrounding Fresno county, never go to court. Instead, they’re frequently resolved through settlement negotiations with an insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies have an unfair advantage, putting profit ahead of injury victims and attempting to pay as little as possible.

We don’t think this is right. Our attorneys here at Marquee Advocacy Group will demand full payment of your claim. If the insurance company does not deliver a fair and just offer, we will pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover the damages for the harm you have experienced and sustained.

Your Trusted Partners In Fresno – Personal Injury Claim Lawyers

No matter what type of accident caused your injury, we are determined to win you meaningful compensation. Our accident claims lawyers have a proven track record of success, having recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients throughout the state of California. Once you work with us, you’ll have comfort knowing our experienced Fresno personal injury attorneys are on your side.

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If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident or bike accident, whether you were the driver or the passenger, we may be able to help. Call Marquee Advocates today for a FREE consultation. We work on a contingency basis – so, rest assured, we don’t get paid unless you do! Don’t take on the added burden of trying to represent yourself even as you’re struggling to recover. Trust MAG to help you get the justice you deserve!

Through our many years of experience, we insist that you don’t take on the insurance companies alone. Whether you’ve been in a bicycle accident or motorcycle accident and need a personal accident attorney, we’re here to help you with your personal injury claim. If you or someone you know has suffered personal injuries, call us at 1-844-493-9455 (4WE-WILL) or fill out our contact form today.

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